Social Media.

Social media is the fastest and easiest way to interact with your customers and distribute information to them. With the use of hashtags, memes, and giveaways, social media has become its very own unique marketing habitat. 


Social media is perhaps the biggest innovation of the 21st century. It allows information to spread at a moment's notice and allows people to interact with each other at any time or place on Earth. These capabilities aren't just opportunities for people to interact with one another, but for brands and consumers to build relationships and communicate directly.

The opportunities are endless with social media, but they take a vigilant and dedicated team to make use of them. It's important to decide on how you want to speak with your customers, how you will distribute your content, and how to best make use of the tools available on social media to grow your brand's following.

Our Services.



It's important to use integrated marketing campaigns to reach the largest audience as possible. Each social media platform functions differently, but with the use of hashtags, photos, special promotions, and advertisements, you can create successful marketing campaigns that excite your followers.


Community Management.

Brands often develop communities around their business and their products where they seek out support and discuss new developments. Hello Mammoth is capable of managing your interactions with your community or training your team on the best ways handle them.


Crisis Management.

With the instantaneous connectivity that comes with social media, situations can quickly spiral out of control at a moments notice. It's important to have contingency plans in place in order to handle crises in real time. This can save your brand some serious PR work.