Whether it's photographing incredible landscapes for print, showcasing products for your website, or developing portraits for your company's executives, Hello Mammoth specializes in capturing the right moment.


One of our passions here at Hello Mammoth is photography, and we recognize the importance that it has within business. The fastest growing social media platforms among young people are photography-centric, and entire audiences can be built solely around photos.

Photography is a great way for businesses to build up communities and leverage them towards their products. With the right photography and social media strategies, social media communities can grow into the tens of thousands of followers. This translates into high impressions and high engagements for your content.

Our Services.


Landscape Photography.

Depending on your industry, great landscape photography can make all the difference in attracting visitors to your business. Countless tourist destinations have been built around stunning photography that showcases the surrounding areas.


Product Photography.

First impressions matter. And for many consumers, a photograph is their first introduction to your products. It's essential to have high-quality product shots in order to capture the attention of consumers and show off all your hard work.


Wedding Photography.

Your wedding is (hopefully!) a once-in-a-lifetime moment, so it's important to capture the special moment on film. We specialize in candid photography of you and your guests so you can relive that special day for years to come.


Animal Photography.

Animal photography is not just beneficial to zoos and animal sanctuaries but to many other businesses. The love for cute animals is practically universal, and photos of them are some of the most consumed forms of digital media.


Portrait Photography.

Portrait photography plays a big part in the world of marketing. Many businesses use portrait photography in advertisements, or within their online stores to show off their products. It even finds it's way into company websites to show off employees.


Architecture Photography.

Architecture photography is a great way for towns and cities to show off the unique buildings located within their city and driving tourism to the area. It's also a great way for businesses to give users a glimpse inside their favorite companies by showing off the places where products are built.


Photo Editing.

Sometimes capturing the perfect moment doesn't turn out so perfect. Whether it's washed out colors or an obstructed view, thanks to Photoshop, it's easy to edit photographs and really make them pop.