NAMI Geauga.

Whether it's your friends, your family, or yourself, mental illness is something that affects everyone. So we began working closely with NAMI Geauga to not only promote their non-profit and events, but to also raise awareness for those living with mental illness.


In 2017, we collaborated with NAMI Geauga to expand their annual fundraiser from a simple charity walk to an entire wellness event. The walk tradition carried on, but now a wellness symposium, comprised of dozens of local agencies and businesses, was included. Pulling off an event this size was a tremendous undertaking, so we jumped at the opportunity to help make this happen. 

For nearly six months, we worked closely with them to not only develop all of the logos, designs, and marketing pieces required for the event, but to also determine pricing, incentives, and benefits for both vendors and attendees. The event was a tremendous success with well over 100 attendees, and more than $31,000 raised (a 129.6% increase over the previous year).

When 2018 came along, we were lucky enough to be asked to help out again, and we soon got to work designing all of the materials needed to provide an awesome experience for everyone. Together, we developed and refined multiple designs of flyers, booklets, t-shirts, and posters that contributed to another successful year.

2018 Miles for Health & Wellness Walk and Symposium
August 18th, 2018
Chardon High School
Chardon, Ohio

Event Booklet





2017 Miles for Health & Wellness Walk and Symposium
September 9th, 2017
Berkshire High School
Burton, Ohio


Flyers, Banners, Stickers, & Postcards