NAMI Geauga

Ending the Stigma


NAMI Geauga
Year: 2017

Whether it's your friends, your family, or yourself, mental illness is something that affects everyone, including us here at Hello Mammoth. So when we learned about NAMI Geauga and what they were doing for their community, we just knew we had to learn more about this incredible organization.

In May of 2017, we met with NAMI Geauga's Executive Director, Jenn Bartone, to discuss how we could help support NAMI's mission. One of the most exciting topics that we spoke about was NAMI Geauga's upcoming annual Miles for Mental Health fundraiser. 

Last year, under Jenn's leadership, NAMI Geauga held their first Miles for Mental Health walk/fundraiser. Their first walk was a huge success, with hundreds of people from the Geauga County community coming together to raise awareness and show support for those with mental illness. But this year, she intended to expand the event to include a wellness symposium that would include local agencies, businesses, and experts in order to promote all aspects of health and wellness. 

With only a few short months until our September event, we had to work quickly to plan out all of the details. One of the first responsibilities that we had to handle, was pricing - for both vendors and attendees. We spent quite some time determining pricing tiers for vendors that maximized value and maximized fundraising for NAMI. Once we had determined pricing and other details crucial to the event, volunteers began reaching out to local businesses and agencies, while we began working on the branding, designing, and advertising of the event.

Over the coming months, our focus shifted away from local businesses and agencies, and more towards Geauga County residents. In order to market effectively, we worked with Jenn to design flyers, logos, banners, postcards, brochures and more that would all go towards our marketing efforts.

After months of working together, we finally got the chance to see the results of all our hard work. On September 9th, NAMI Geauga's Miles for Mental Health & Wellness Walk and Symposium finally took place at Berkshire High School in Burton, Ohio.

With dozens of vendors, hundreds of attendees, two keynote speakers, and over $31,000 raised, it was safe to say that the fundraising event was a success. Walking around the school and seeing so many people coming together for such an important cause is the defining moment of our career. The work that we've done with NAMI will be an achievement that we will always be proud of. We are eternally grateful to have been a part of something so special.

Thank you, NAMI. We will always be part of the family.


Below you will find all of the logos, flyers, registration packets, and other designs that Hello Mammoth created in collaboration with NAMI's Jennifer Bartone for the Miles for Mental Health & Wellness Walk and Symposium, as well as other NAMI events that took place during our time together.

Flyers, Banners, Stickers, & Postcards