King Kone.

Every summer, thousands of families line up to get a taste of Northeast Ohio's #1 ice cream shop. And with a menu that includes unique creations like the Milli Vanilli, Salty Mutt, and Chunky Monkey, it's easy to see why. The Hewitt family have done a remarkable job of transforming this small ice cream shop from a local favorite to a regional destination.

Partying with the King.

For years, King Kone was confined to their one location in Chardon, but the Hewitt's began to seek out other ways to share their love of ice cream with local families. In addition to launching a new website, they planned to launch a full-service ice cream truck that would allow them to bring the Kone to birthday parties, corporate events, and community gatherings.

KK Background.jpg

Before working with Hello Mammoth, King Kone's website was not living up to the high standards that their brand required, and their abilities to interact with their customers was severely limited. We made it our mission to design them a website that allowed their customers to keep up with all the happenings at the Kone, book the ice cream truck for their events, and get in contact with any questions they may have.

We incorporated bright colors, playful slogans, and fun photos to create a website that was informative and easy-to-use. We are especially proud of the work we've done and are extremely grateful to work with the King of Kones.

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