King Kone

The King of Cones

Our write-up is coming soon, but in the meantime, check out the website we built for them.


Every summer, thousands of families line up to get a taste of Northeast Ohio's #1 ice cream shop. And with a menu that includes unique creations like the Milli Vanilli, Salty Mutt, and Chunky Monkey, it's easy to see why. The Hewitt family have done a remarkable job of transforming this small ice cream shop from a local favorite to a regional destination.

Partying with the King.

With the success King Kone has seen, they've predictably built up a strong social media presence. And as their social media following has grown, so has traffic to their website.


King Kone

Year: 2017

iPad Pro Mockup 4.jpg

Before working with Hello Mammoth, their website was not living up to the high standards that their brand required. They needed something that showed off the fun and playful side that their business is known for, while increasing the usability of it.

Our goal was to incorporate as many photos and colors as possible to give it the playful feel that regularly accompanies an ice cream shop.