Alexander Payne.

When he's not running Hello Mammoth, Alexander Payne is an avid traveler and photographer. In order to showcase his work, we created a stunning website that puts his photography front and center.


The main focus when designing Alex's website was making sure his photography looked as good as possible. In addition to this, he needed the ability to create and share content with ease.

Thanks to Squarespace's built-in CMS, implementing a blog for him was quick and easy, but developing a unique website focused on photography, was a bit trickier. There are quite a few photography templates available to choose from, but we needed something unique for this project.

So instead of starting with one of the pre-made templates designed for photographers, we decided to use one of the business templates (the same one used on this website) that offers significantly more customization. By doing this, we were able to mold and tweak the website until it looked perfect. After a bit of work, we were finally able to develop a grid-based website that allows for easy navigation and content sharing, while looking absolutely incredible.