Alex Payne

Undeniably good. Shamelessly different.


Alex Payne
Year: 2016

Alex Payne is a photographer, graphic designer, and marketer from Northeast Ohio. After graduating from Lake Erie College in 2013, Alex Payne has worked diligently to make a name for himself in the marketing industry. After working internships and part-time jobs that were unrewarding, he set out on a more ambitious adventure.


Determined to stand out from his peers - and gain much-needed experience in the process - he knew he had to do something different. That is when the #HireAlex marketing campaign began.

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In order to ensure the success of the #HireAlex, we had to start with thorough research into the appropriate organizations that we needed to target. After determining the individuals and organizations we needed to reach, we began targeting them with email, digital, and mail campaigns.

After just one week of our targeted marketing campaign, we saw tremendous interest in #HireAlex. We saw open rates of nearly 50%, an increase in web traffic of almost 5,000%, and nearly 12,000 impressions across social media. As a result of this success, Alex received numerous interviews, appeared on a local radio show, and even a podcast dedicated to career planning. #HireAlex became the determining factor in leading to him taking on positions at both a software development company and an indie game developer.

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